Wednesday, September 23, 2009

San Francisco By Street: Van Ness

An old man out for a walk.

From Bernal Heights to the San Francisco Bay, Van Ness runs north and south through the city cutting it in half. I set out from Bernal Heights (the tall beacon of hope in the south of the city and in this photographers humble opinion the best neighborhood in SF) and trounced north through the Mission following S. Van Ness from its intersection with Ceasar Chavez. My idea was to walk streets of San Francisco from end to end to get an idea of how the street, city and most of all people change as the city is traversed. Making my way north past taquerias, run down hotels, and used car lots i went under 101 and headed toward Van Ness and Market. Here the rain started and so i temporarily abandoned my venture across the city. Two days later i took up where i had left off making my way from Market to the Civic Center, Japantown, Pacific Heights to where i met the water of San Francisco Bay at Fort Mason.

This nameless man donning a Obama shirt near Van Ness and 22nd talked my ear off for a few moments and as i was walking away yelled "don't give up".

Van Ness viewed from the top of Bernal Heights.

A woman and her bags- Van Ness and Market

Anything helps.

Tourists on the Fort Mason Pier watching a sea lion swim by.

Tree lined Civic Center.

Shadows on the sidewalk.

Names in the road.

An abandon shoe at Van Ness and Geary.

Walking the dog-near 101.

Southern end of S. Van Ness-the Ceasar Chavez intersection.

Apartments near the Fort Mason.

Silhouetted St. Brigid's Church at the corner of Broadway and Van Ness.

The north end of Van Ness, with Alcatraz in the background.


Alex said...

This is actually a great idea! I like the theme of street-by-street. Whoever thought of it is smart. The pic of the yellow crosswalk bars is the best AND my name is clearly seen in the concrete.

Linda said...

Exactly what I thought when I saw that defacement . . . our very own northwest Alex leaves his mark on The City.

Donald "Ron" Delnegro said...

These pics are a significant departure for schell who typically shoots with the lens cap on. I like the motion work. Well done, Paul.