Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Giro di San Francisco-A Bicycle Race

The tuck.

The 35th annual Giro di San Francisco sped through the streets of SF over the weekend with an awesome show (most of you know I’m a huge biking fan, so I probably enjoyed it more than most) of speed, endurance and strategy. Here are some pics of the day of activities, including women’s, men’s and kids races. Here's the link to the SF Weekly slide show.

The chase.

Cutting the corner.

The fan.

One long curve.

In the shadow of downtown.

Leaning into it.

High speed traffic.

The fall from grace.

Tempting fate.

Breakaway artists.

A rush of air.

Around the bend.

Just a blur.

Beginning the turn.

Setting par.

A mass of man and metal.

Feeling the burn.

Street reflection.

The Bay Bridge.

Into the final straightaway.

Jarring speed.

Single focus.

One way down.


1 comment:

Kevin said...

im faster than that... seriously, i can go really, really fast.
nice photos though too.