Monday, August 24, 2009

Hiking Yosemite and the vicinity

Caption-Looking East from Lower Conness Lake

Three days, three hikes in Yosemite and surrounding area. An afternoon in the Yosemite Valley and then over to the eastern side of the park to the Saddlebag Lake/20 Lakes Basin Area. From there to plains around Mono Lake and then back into Yosemite to hike into Cathedral Lake. Here's a couple pics to show the dramatic quality of the not only the geographical aspects of the park, but also the weather moving around @ 10,000+ feet. Enjoy.

A road near Bodie, CA

A stark Sierra contrast
One of the Conness glacial lakes

Stone Striations
Mountain reflection

(wo)man and nature

Mountains and sky over Tenaya Lake.

Water Truck

Yosemite Valley

Half Dome

Nevada Falls and surrounding monoliths

A biker in Yosemite Valley
El Captain (notice picnic table in left foreground as scale)


Samuel said...

That picnic table is huge!

Kevin said...

how positive that you are over 10,000 feet? that is a really big measuring tape. in fact, i have never seen a tape that big, and i have seen my fair share of tapes.