Saturday, August 15, 2009

Adventures in Urban Exploration: Bayshore Roundhouse

Recently i've taken up a interest in photographing and exploring abandon buildings, towns and sites. This has led me to some pretty amazing, thrilling and crazy places. Research on the web has revealed quite a few places in and around the bay area that are sitting in decay. Here's one of many to come...

On San Francisco's southern border an old abandon train roundhouse sits in decay. Just after the end of the work day and before the sun fell i made my way to the Bayshore Roundhouse for some urban exploring. Gated and prohibited, i rode my bike down the street and crawled under a fence. Skirting around behind the building i found little obstacles blocking my path. Full of dirt, graffiti, garbage, and burnt remnants of a portion of the building i made my way around observing what's left of this century old building.

Here's an excerpt from
"A brick roundhouse and 90' steel turntable were finished at Bayshore around 1910. They served to stable the steam-powered freight engines used on the peninsula. Locomotives required constant maintenance, and most of this work took place in roundhouses. Engines were serviced, and kept warm in such places between runs. Additional shops were later built to perform heavy maintenance on locomotives, passenger cars, tenders, and all other manner of railroad equipment."


Austin Hill said...

Nice Man...!

Jane said...

You're my hero.

Anonymous said... never cease to amaze me! Bravo...these and the portraits are terrific! Laurence