Friday, April 10, 2009

Lonely Highway Media- Guy Cards

The idea came from my father. In his quest to keep up his business, friends and family relations, he wanted a set of greeting cards that he could relate to. He was tired of the feminine and obscurely themed images that he had no connect with.

Thus came the idea for Guy Cards, cards for the guy who likes to send cards. These cards aren't necessarily overtly masculine, they're just not feminine.

For the last several months myself and several others (you know who you are) have spent considerable time whittling down a set of 200 or so images to a elite 30. I'm now proud to say that Lonely Highway Media is releasing 30 different images as 5x7 greeting cards. I'm also very excited to say that they're available at Snow Goose Produce on Fir Island. They're available through Otra Vez (Jessica Schell and Jane Griffin's business) and through myself.

Skagit Valley Red Tulips-West Side Mount Vernon, WA

Skagit Valley Yellow Tulips- West Side Mount Vernon, WA

Train Crank-SODO, Seattle

Diverging Tracks-SODO, Seattle

Beacon Hill Sunset- Beacon Hill, WA

Desert Jars-Middlegate, Nevada

A Banjo-Wrightsville Beach, N. Carolina

Threadbare Boots- Seattle WA

Red Logs- Mouth of the Hoh River, WA

Coastal Fog- Oil City, WA

Seastacks- Oil City, WA

Icicle Creek, Leavenworth WA

Skagit City Road- Fir Island, WA

Frozen Leaves- Fir Island, WA

Amazing Grace Farm- Fir Island, WA

Falling Sky- Fir Island, WA

January Fremont Snow-Seattle, WA

Arbor Birdhouse- Fir Island, WA

Worn Plow-Fir Island, WA

Textures- Fir Island, WA

Dipping Paddle- Boundary Water's, MN

Central Park- New York, NY

Kayak Ribbing- Seattle, WA

Bainbridge Crossing- Seattle, WA

Apple Blossoms- Fir Island, WA

Wire Bundle- Fir Island, WA

Fishermen's Terminal- Seattle, WA

Worn Shoes- Boundary Water's, MN

Gas Works Critical Mass- Seattle, WA

Pike Place Bike Rack- Seattle, WA


Seeker said...

The bike silhouettes. Very nice.

Angela said...

thank goddess they're not feminine!