Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Border Streets Wandering

The line isn't distinct, rather it's a meandering scribble that cuts Oakland from Berkeley or vice versa. Some say it's Ashby, while others say it's Alcatraz, but everyone agrees if you ever wonder if you're in Oakland, just check a nearby house to see if there's bars grating the windows.

I live between Ashby and Alcatraz, officially two blocks on the Oakland side (at least for the time being) of the imaginary line, two block from a big brown sign that reads "Welcome to Berkeley. Nuclear Free Zone".

This is why i welcome you to Raider Nation, Outlandish, O-Town or what ever you want to call it. Residential bleeds into industrial from one street to the next, liquor stores to coffee shops, chop shops to corner stores, crossdresser to college kid, hippy to hipster, they're all here- this is a regular american mishmash.

Overall this is a very open-minded, bike friendly, artistically driven, floral filled, politically progressive and welcoming enclave.

A Sunday afternoon stroll in search of subject brought me into the back streets of Oakland, while looking over my shoulder i snapped a couple shots.


Linda said...

I see a lot more "Golden Mean" here. Like it!

Where is Herzog Street?

Alex said...

Hello, jozev. You've got quite a talent, don't you? A sincere, "thank you," from my mother and I for putting up the picture of the street named after our ancestors. Babby says hello.

Chris R. said...

Holy smokes man, these are fantastic! I love graffiti pictures too, great contrast in em. Well done.