Monday, February 23, 2009

Wrightsville Beach, N. Carolina

The North Carolina Coast is inconsistent and pocked. When you're there you'll see the eastern horizon stretch as far as the eye can see and then seemingly drop off suddenly where the sun and water intercept. You'll see the earth curves ever so slightly as you lose yourself in the sea of blue.

Interrupted by surf, dunes, sand in your pocket and between your toes this place was not what i had in mind when i thought of the tar-heel state. Catching up with my friend Gaby Wentworth, i spent a week at the beach at her family's Wrightsville Beach home. Relaxing in the lap of luxury i managed to fit in bouts of work and snap off a couple photos to share with you.

Withering Fence line

The Eastern Horizon

Lone Surfer

Wrightsville Beach Pier

The Third Floor Deck

My afternoon transport.

The House.

A little back water

A banjo

Lone Tree

A latch

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Timmy B said...

Hey Joe, great photos! Hope you're enjoying your travels and exploits.