Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Pacific Coast @ Oil City

5:30am Wednesday Jan. 28th

Rolling out of bed i threw a couple last minute additions into an already over stuffed backpack. Breakfast, a quick brushing and out the door. Destination Oil City. Tacoma, Olympia, Aberdeen, Humptulips and Queets. It was mid afternoon by the time we arrived and the sun hovered in the high tide sky.
Hiking in a couple miles we made camp above the high water mark amongst the driftwood.
Thursday and Friday were spent exploring and taking photos. Here are some pics for the adventure.

More Oil City Photos here: Gallery

More Photos Gallery Photos here: Gallery


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Haunting and soft and wild and subtle. Particularly that first one - I want that on my wall at home. Wait, can that be the next stage of your blogging? An online store for prints? Pleeease?

- Marion

gab said...

Looks fantastic. I want a print too!!!

elhaum said...

These well-composed, mesmerizing stills as a whole truly capture the state of static metamorphosis which is the modus-operandi of the lifestyle of Washington's coastline. What gumption and perspective you demonstrate in thrusting that lense into the precarious position of deciding between the infinite, pensive calm and perpetual, violent motion which form the paradox of land and sea. Well done! They are, indeed print-caliber photos!

Anonymous said...

You continue to be a stunning photographer...even better than I remember. I want a print too. I love this blog...keep it up...you are really something!