Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Pogues w/ Devotchka @ The Warfield

The Pogues and their excitable crowd.

I had never really heard the Pogues until recently, but when i started telling people i was going to the show they got all excited and and preceded to tell how excited they were for me to go to the show. The Pogues have been around long enough to where they really didn't have to do anything to whip the crowd into frenzy, a coupe words from their toothless drunken front man Shane MacGowan and everyone was moshing about. In the end it was great show an eye opening experience.

Good music in all, but i'm still a bigger fan of the melodic music of Denver based Devotchka-i guess you just can't go wring when you mix the sounds of a tuba, stand-up bass, violin, accordian, theremin and a classically trained frontman with a guitar. Check them out

Here's the full story @ SF Weekly.
Devotchka frontman Nick Urata

Spider Stacy

The crowd is whipped into a frenzy.
Guitarist Phil Chevron

Devotchka frontman Nick Urata

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