Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oaxacan Zapoteo Rug Weavers: Francisco "Paco" Gonzales Vincente

The puebla of Teotitlan del Valle about a 30 mins out of Oaxaca is known for it's intricate rug weaving. While visiting Oaxaca i was fortunate enough to be able to get a behind the scene look into this faceted process.

We received a phone call late in the day, after a long day of hiking, that our host in Teotitlan was waiting for us with dinner on the table. A freshly slaughtered chicken and enchilada/mole sauce was waiting for us. My host in Oaxaca, Megan and i promptly took a taxi out of the city to have dinner.

Paco greeted us at the edge of town and jumped into the cab to escort us to his place on Calle Cinco de Mayo. Out of the cab into his home. We were greeted with Mezcal and Corona. His mother, 84, sat in the dimly lit kitchen grinning at us and communicating in broken zapotec-spanish. I sat trying to follow the conversation and taking in my surroundings. Dinner was large and rich, delicious and filling.

After dinner we walked around his house centered around a large courtyard full of plants, a open-air cooking area, chickens and a well.

Hanging in the corner was a series of rugs adorning the walls and the other were two looms and other misc. equipment.

The rest of the story unfolds below.