Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lake Tahoe-Memorial Day Weekend

Not too far out of San Francisco lie the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a burl of gnarled rocks and an inland ocean. A place void of concrete, taco stands, crowds and the city's deafening din. Big blue Lake Tahoe is a vast and majestic bowl of water surrounded by high snow capped peaks, lakes, vistas and unrivaled natural beauty.

A memorial weekend Saturday morning hike brought us to our North Canyon/ Marlette Lake base camp. Surrounded by pine filled air, cold as all hell mountain mornings and bone dry California tinder, we roughed it for a couple days. Over the long weekend we wandered around the 8,000+ highlands of the Tahoe Rim Trail, Marlette Peak, Snow Valley Peak and the Flume Trail.

This area of melting snow fields, nostril cutting high dry plains, leg clawing wiry brambles and serene lakeside trails offered a primitive juxtaposition to the day in, day out city life.

Hope you enjoy a couple pics....


Seeker said...

love the tent one. How long of an exposure?

Joseph Schell said...

Thanks. 30 seconds